Goad on the Effects of White Guilt

In Takimag, Jim Goad has an excellent piece on the effects of collective white guilt:

I’ve noticed a trend: The more that white people apologize, the more they get mocked. The more they concede, the more that is demanded of them. The more frequently they make gestures of goodwill, the more they get emotionally sandblasted with malicious rhetoric about how “whiteness” is a poison that needs to be uprooted and eradicated. And what’s bitterly funny is that these well-meaning but fatally clueless Caucasoids can’t seem to figure out why this is happening.

The reason is simple: Self-hatred is never attractive, neither individually nor collectively, no matter who’s expressing it…

As was seamlessly documented in Howard Bloom’s The Lucifer Principle, most kings throughout history were overthrown not at the height of their despotism, but after they’d grown soft and started trying to make amends.

They say white people deserve to hate themselves for all the pain and death they’ve wrought. I say white people are loathsome these days because they’re uniquely susceptible to such idiotic guilt-tripping. That’s the problem with white people—not that it was so easy for them to conquer the world, but that it’s so easy to make them feel bad about it…

As our culture is currently dictated to us, white ethnomasochism is the only form of ethnic self-hatred that is currently deemed a virtue. Nonwhites are ritually scolded if they aren’t openly proud of their heritage…

Look with disgust upon these squirming white worms with their endlessly tacky public displays of self-flagellation, exulting in the idea of their own wickedness, trying to drown their historical sins in a cleansing wave of softly genocidal immigration. Afflicted with a perverse sort of racial body dysmorphia, they would crawl out of their white skin if they could only find a way.

This is the sort of thing that happens in the late stages of a crumbling empire, when the fat, lazy, and pampered have grown so soft they’ve blinded themselves to the wolf pack waiting at the door that’s eager to tear them to pieces.

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