Goad: The Diary of Ann Coulter

Over at Takimag, Jim Goad has a good piece on the recent Ann Coulter Twitter kerfuffle (“The Diary of Ann Coulter“), which begins:

I’m not even sure what the “Jewish Question” is, but I’m almost certain that the answer is, “You’re an anti-Semite.”

At least that’s the stock retort lobbed like a Molotov cocktail at anyone who dares to articulate the undeniable mathematical fact that Jewish per-capita income is about twice America’s national average. It’s the term smeared like rat feces across the face of anyone who dispassionately points out that for a group comprising around 2% of the American population, Jews wield academic, cultural, and financial power way beyond their numbers.

If you merely point out the fact that this tiny minority kicks in about half of all financial contributions to the Democratic Party? Anti-Semite! If you state that the Republican Party seems beholden to Israel to an almost slavish degree? Bigoted conspiracy theorist! If you note that there are Holocaust museums all across America but nary a statue commemorating white indentured servitude, even though indentured servitude’s horrors persisted for nearly 200 years in America and the Holocaust didn’t even happen here? Jew-hater!

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