Heartiste on JQ

Heartiste has a good post on the JQ, which begins with one reader’s excellent comment:

Having been raised a Catholic who married into a Jewish family and lived among the Tribe for a decade or so, I think I am uniquely qualified to address this issue.

Jews in the U.S. support left-wing causes not for the causes themselves, but because they see those causes as a way to stick it to the Christian majority. I don’t think most of them do this consciously. But a lot of them equate “white America” with “oppression” and “conformity” and believe the patriarchal white majority is something that needs to be usurped.

This explains why Jews were the architects of feminism and the backers of the ’60s Civil Rights Movement. What better way to screw up Christian families and majority-Christian neighborhoods? This also explains a lot [about] 20th century art. Jews don’t create to entertain so much as “break boundaries” — boundaries which, of course, were put there by Christian morality.

This also explains why different rules apply when it comes to Jews and Israel vs. Jews and America. “Open borders for thee, but not for me!”

This way of thinking is so ingrained in Jewish families, I’m not sure they’re even conscious of it. But once you start realizing this is what they’re up to, a lot of things take on a more sinister tone, such as their obsession with calling out so-called Christian hypocrisy.

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