Jason Richwine in Politico

Embattled public policy analyst Jason Richwine has an opinion column in Politico today (“Why can’t we talk about IQ?“):

For people who have studied mental ability, what’s truly frustrating is the déjà vu they feel each time a media firestorm like this one erupts. Attempts by experts in the field to defend the embattled messenger inevitably fall on deaf ears. When the firestorm is over, the media’s mindset always resets to a state of comfortable ignorance, ready to be shocked all over again when the next messenger comes along.

Richwine reiterates the cultural cognitive dissonance taking place over the past few decades: namely, as the reality of group differences in IQ becomes increasingly irrefutable, the liberal stranglehold on culture becomes correspondingly more intolerant and repressive of such a truth.

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