Shelly Miscavige: Missing Persons Report

There’s some movement on the case of Shelly Miscavige, wife of the Scientology cult’s sociopathic leader:

After her public break with Scientology last month, Leah Remini has taken action and filed a missing person report for the wife of the controversial religion’s leader, David Miscavige‚Ķ

According to writer Tony Ortega‘s website, The Underground Bunker, which focuses on the inner workings of the secretive organization, Shelly Miscavige has not been publicly sighted in six years.

According to Ortega, Shelly Miscavige¬†allegedly was transferred from Scientology’s headquarters near Hemet, Calif., to a secret compound near Lake Arrowhead in late 2005 or early 2006. The compound, known as the Church of Spiritual Technology, reportedly houses about a dozen Scientologists who are said to be completely cut off from the outside world. Miscavige and his attorneys have not publicly confirmed Shelly’s whereabouts. According to Ortega’s report, Remini questions whether Shelly has freedom of movement or is being “punished for her own shortcomings.”

In his book Going Clear (and in the original New Yorker article that preceded the book), Lawrence Wright discusses the circumstances preceding Shelly’s mysterious 6-year disappearance from the public eye. Many belief she has been consigned, for years on end, to the cult’s concentration camp known as “The Hole“.

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