Jewish-Promoted Guilt & The ‘Refugee’ Crisis

In VDARE, Charles Bloch pens “Memo To My Fellow Jews: Immigration Restriction Is NOT Nazism“:

This same political class is trying to compare any limits on the influx of Syrian and Islamic refugees to the supposedly shameful episode where Americans turned away Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. Thus the Holocaust Museum, while not allowed to opine on public policy, opined “Nobody can reasonably argue that the response from the international community has been enough. As an institution we have a mandate to be the voice that the Jews of the 1930s did not have” [Holocaust Museum Sees a U.S. Duty to Syrian Refugees, by Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View, November 17, 2015]

Literally dozens more articles have appeared with headlines like:

A question: if our immigration policy must be determined by nightmares about Jews being forcibly sent to Nazi Germany, why do journalists want refugees to come [to] a country where Hitler Reincarnated may be the next President?…

[R]efugee policy has become part of Hitler’s Revenge. Every group suddenly becomes oppressed Jews, and denying them entry equivalent to the Holocaust.

This misconception is just as dangerous as any amount of indifference. It is a libel and we must fight it.

After all, if mass immigration continues without limits, it will be Americans themselves who will be needing asylum.

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