JYT: David Brooks Edition

NYT’s “conservative” (ahem) columnist David Brooks, who sometimes writes about Middle Eastern affairs, has an American-born son (i.e, a U.S. citizen) who serves in the Israeli army. Imagine that. (Via Steve Sailer via Mondoweiss):

One of the more interesting nuggets buried in a long, Hebrew-language interview with New York Times columnist David Brooks in the recent Ha’aretz magazine is the revelation, toward the very end, that Brooks’s oldest son serves in the Israel Defense Forces.

“Brook’s connection to Israel was always strong,” the article reports. “He has visited Israel almost every year since 1991, and over the past months the connection has grown even stronger, after his oldest son, aged 23, decided to join the Israel Defense Forces as a “lone soldier” [Ed. Note: a soldier with no immediate family in Israel]…

Chatter immediately heated up over this fact, which until now hasn’t cropped up in any Google searches. Many commenters praised Brooks’ for his son’s service. Others maintained that he and the New York Times have the duty to reveal the fact that his son is serving in the IDF as it personally colors his commentary on Israel and Middle East issues.

Said chatter is from ‘anti-Semites’, no doubt.

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