KMac on Publius

In The Unz Review, Kevin Macdonald comments on Publius Decius Mus (aka Mike Anton) and the latter’s September 2016 essay “The Flight 93 Election”:

The fact is that the racialization of politics is the most salient fact of our time. The White population was coalescing in the Republican Party long before Trump came along and told them what they wanted to hear.

The days when the Democratic Party had a claim to the allegiance of the White working class are long gone, and for good reason: Their jobs have been shipped overseas and their wages have been impacted by the tsunami of immigrants. And unlike the elites who are able to avoid the costs by moving away, they are stuck with failing schools, dysfunctional neighborhoods, overcrowded neighborhoods and all the other consequences to public goods. The rainbow future is death for the White working class.

But, despite Trump’s appeal to the ordinary Americans, what he has been saying is absolutely not what the Washington Generals who have led the GOP wanted to hear. They were content to lose graciously while continuing to pick up their pay checks — until the plane crashes into the mountainside, at which point they would just jettison their “conservative principles” and capitulate the progressive agenda (“the GOP must have better outreach to Hispanics”). It was all just talk anyway, talk designed to appeal to a traditional American constituency that is being dispossessed

They’re glib, and facile writers, so I’m sure the progressives will find a place for them. Neocons, who now dominate he conservative media, originated on the Left and in a very real sense never abandoned it, despite their ability to push the buttons conservatives love to hear. Their essential role has been to move the GOP to the Left on all the issues the Left holds dear—first and foremost immigration. Just as Neocons had no real qualms about a Hillary presidency, they will happily sign on to a progressive agenda as long as it is aggressively pro-Israel and anti-Russian….

Of the spiraling demographic decline of whites and their eclipse by non-whites:

At the very least it will wake up White America to the scope of the problem, with all that implies for the future when things get really sticky. When White America sees itself heading over a cliff, as I believe that it will given the demographic trends already in place (e.g., White children are already a minority). the really interesting stuff will begin.

As Editor Peter Brimelow has said, it will come to blood. All the utopias dreamed up by the Left inevitably lead to bloodshed—because they conflict with fundamental human nature.

Despite Anton’s relatively mild views, he is now being attacked as evil incarnate by the entire Establishment, from the Left to the Neocon Right, with prominent Jewish writers leading the charge.

Despite his critique at Anton’s ‘citizenism’, KMac wishes Anton well:

It’s very heartening that Mike Anton is part of the Trump administration. He shows a clear understanding that immigration is the fundamental problem facing any attempt to resuscitate anything resembling traditional American political culture and institutions. And he understands that if drastic things are not done on the immigration front, traditional American political culture and institutions are indeed heading over a cliff. I assume this means, at least, that he will do his best to keep the Trump administration heading in the right direction on that most critical issue.

Despite my criticisms, I wish him well.

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