NYT: It’s 1942 Again

Today, the NYT publishes “When Lies Overruled Rights” by Karen Korematsu, the byline of which intones:

My father and thousands of other Americans of Japanese descent were incarcerated in 1942 in the name of national security. It could happen again.

Yes, it could happen again.

Who could she possibly be talking about?

Thankfully, it doesn’t take having to read past the first paragraph to get the drift of Karen’s poorly thought moral equivalency:

When President Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning travel from seven majority Muslim countries, he hurled us back to one of the darkest and most shameful chapters of American history. Executive orders that go after specific groups under the guise of protecting the American people are not only unconstitutional, but morally wrong. My father, and so many other Americans of Japanese descent, were targets of just such an order during World War II.

With the NYT these days, it’s either 1933 or 1942.

That is the Narrative. Period.

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