Losing the Race

As Steve Sailer has noted repeatedly at his blog, there is no racial justice in AmeriKKKa until Beyonce wins every Grammy and a ‘black movie’ wins every ‘Best Picture’ Oscar.

Today, in the NYT we have “Smiling, Even When the Oscar Race Is a Losing Marathon”, the title of which conveys more winking-and-nodding than the content of the article. It’s about all the black actresses who have been nominated for Oscars over recent years – Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Naomie Harris — but who have failed to win.

In the article’s opening, we have the prototypical novelistic pretensions of the writer, injecting implied SJW sentiments:

LOS ANGELES — Smiling and clapping through marathon rubber-chicken awards banquets. Week after week, month after month.

Racking up frequent-flier miles (New York to Los Angeles to London to Los Angeles) to woo Oscar voters at question-and-answer sessions. Giving endless command performances to red-carpet reporters who ask the same five (three?) questions on loop. All the hair and makeup. All the gown fittings.

And losing the whole time…

No, this is not parody.

While the R-word isn’t directly used in the piece, simply juxtaposing these ‘losers’ against the very pale actresses who have beaten them out – Nicole Kidman, Michelle Williams, and other whitey whites – does the winking. The piece ends with the author characterizing Octavia Spencer’s rudeness to him as… the intolerable weight of racial injustice:

Before I could track them down, I stumbled across Ms. Spencer, honored for playing a NASA leader in “Hidden Figures.” She caught my eye partly because she was not aggressively working the voter-filled room.

“Can I ask you a question?” I said to her, after identifying myself as a reporter.

“No,” she said, sitting down at her lunch table.

Now it was my turn to make a face.

“Well, you can ask me how my day is going,” she said quickly. “But I’m not doing any press.”

Maybe she just wanted to be left alone with her salad. Maybe she was worried that I might drag her into yet another discussion about the #OscarSoWhite controversy.

Or maybe, just then, she had stopped going through the motions.

Am I the only one that laughs at pretentious, activist writing like this, tripe that could only come from the laptop of a coastal liberal white?

The ‘reporter’, Brooks Barnes, describes himself as “once likened to ‘the Evil Queen’ by a Disney executive, to my eternal delight.” Alrighty, then.

This is the cultural perspective the NYT and their ilk want to foist on the rest of America. It is simply racist to not accept and embrace this perspective.

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