BNP, UKIP, EDL… There is a proliferation of British nationalist political organizations sprouting up, with immigration a lynchpin of their platforms.

LibertyGB is an organization started by Paul Weston.

Their Mission Statement is as follows:

Liberty GB will address all the political issues Great Britain currently faces, something the three main parties (along with UKIP) so conspicuously fail to do.

The Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives manifestly refuse to discuss the most important issues of our time, namely mass immigration from the EU and Third World, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing ‘progressives’.

There is no guarantee at such a late stage that Britain can be saved, but Liberty GB will endeavour to put a stop to our rapidly accelerating descent into economic, educational, moral, cultural and social ruin. Britain could be a wonderful country again, but it will take politics bordering on the revolutionary to achieve this vision.

If you are of similar mind, Liberty GB welcomes your participation.

Their Manifesto contains 14 policy positions, the #1 policy position being ‘British Culture’:

Over the past several decades the liberal left has foisted an unpopular programme of multiculturalism upon the people of this country. Multiculturalism is a progressivist social experiment to try and eliminate prejudice and racism by creating a society in which many races live side by side, each free to express and practice their cultural beliefs as they see fit…

To facilitate the making of their multicultural society the liberal left have promoted foreign cultures and values above our own. They have used mass media to spread their propaganda; enacted politically correct laws to give preferential treatment to minorities; levelled charges of ‘racism’ to stifle debate; and even sunk so low as to use the school curriculum to indoctrinate our children.

The last Labour government promoted mass immigration with the intent “to make the UK truly multicultural”. As millions of migrants poured in, many towns and cities changed beyond recognition; self-segregation created foreign enclaves, some so hostile to outsiders that even the police fear to tread there.

With the influx came large numbers of foreign criminals; rapists, pimps, murderers, armed robbers, pickpockets, people traffickers, drug dealers, fraudsters and paedophile gangs were all welcomed by our politicians to come and prey upon us.

Lack of public housing (at least 20% of public housing in London is occupied by non-British nationals) intense competition for jobs, services stretched to breaking point, schools where English is a minority language, rising crime – these changes caused hundreds of thousands of British people to take flight, and as a result many long-established communities have disappeared without trace.

Multiculturalism has been a disaster, creating the very problems it was supposed to eradicate. But it doesn’t have to be this way – after all, 80% of people are still native British. We have to act now!

For any society to be successful it needs cohesion, a shared sense of identity to bind it together. The more people have in common the better they tend to get along. That’s only common sense. We need to reunite our country by reasserting the British way of life and insisting that immigrants assimilate into it. We need to safeguard our own British values such as freedom of speech, the rule of British law, equality for women and protection of homosexuals from intimidation by fanatics.

Our shared values and customs, our sense of nationhood, our freedom to celebrate Britain’s magnificent qualities and achievements – these are the things that hold us together. It was pride in our nation that gave us the drive and ambition to build a society where everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, has a right to education, to healthcare, to support when they cannot work, and all the other things that we take so much for granted these days.

We propose the following measures to roll back multiculturalism, restore British culture and establish a shared identity for national cohesion:

  • Halt immigration for at least 5 years with strict controls thereafter, giving preference to people from countries having similar values to ours, able to speak English and to support themselves and their families.
  • Cut public funding for foreign cultural centres and festivals and instead provide funding for British festivals and cultural centres (strongly encouraging minority involvement).
  • Abolish all multicultural and equality quangos.
  • Promote morality, marriage, the family, the community and the nation state.
  • Shut down any faith school that promotes extremism or division, or fails to teach the curriculum in the spirit it is meant.
  • Instil a sense of national pride by teaching children of all backgrounds history centred upon Britain’s outstanding achievements in science, technology, art, literature, sport, exploration and every other area of civilisation. Emphasise our contribution to the world and our struggle to remain a free and independent people. Discard the history books which describe our culture and civilisation as one of genocide and oppression.
  • Make Christian assembly compulsory in all schools, excepting only non-Christian faith schools.
  • Overhaul university governance to ensure greater public accountability (including control over professorial appointments), curtailing leftist, anti-British bias.
  • Offer grants for high-level study and research of British history, art, and culture.
  • Reform the BBC to end its left-wing multicultural bias.
  • Fund national prize competitions to promote excellence in British-themed art, literature, music, theatre, film-making and digital media. The aim – to kickstart a British cultural renaissance.
  • Ban the Islamic call to prayer and Islamic worship in public institutions and outdoor spaces.
  • Halt the building of additional mosques and impose strict planning controls on other non-traditional religious institutions and buildings.
  • Ban the burka.
  • Demand that only English be spoken in public institutions and end public funding of translation services. Ensure that English is the first language taught in schools.
  • Celebrate only Christian and British festivals in public institutions; make the patron saints’ days in England, Scotland and Wales bank holidays.
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