‘Lifetyle Illnesses’ in Africa

Due to foreign aid & the advances of modernity finally making their way into the Dark Continent, Africa is experiencing a population explosion. Africa used to be chock full of starving Africans. That’s much less the case now.

Like the ghettoes here in the U.S., blacks in Africa are now obese diabetics, experiencing the ailments “typical of the increasingly urban lifestyle in developing countries on the continent.”

From AFP:

A World Health Organisation (WHO) survey released Tuesday showed that most Africans had at least one risk factor for developing one of these diseases, such as smoking, a lack of exercise, poor diet and obesity.

Women were most at risk, the study showed.

I suspect it’s really the White Man’s fault:

While the tobacco, alcohol and food industries have had to adapt to growing health-consciousness in the West, this is not the case in Africa.

“They see Africa as a fertile ground because of the legislation and policy weaknesses that exist in our region, they see opportunity to make a lot of profit,” said report author Abdikamal Alisalad.

Here in the States, Mexicans’ rampant rates of obesity and diabetes is taxing the healthcare system heavily.

Over in Europe, as the Great African Emigration (which Sailer regularly documents) ensues, Europe’s healthcare system will be similarly taxed.

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