Me-Again Who?

From an article by Jack Schafer a little over a month ago:

Stop thinking of what Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC News means for her and her new network and start thinking about what it means for the network she’s leaving behind, the Fox News Channel. Television talent raids—like the one NBC News chairman Andrew Lack has just pulled off—are almost never a simple matter of improving your own roster. As the history of broadcasting shows us, a single major defection by a popular anchor rarely improves that acquiring network’s ratings or public appeal. The primary aim of such larceny: Weaken your TV opponent’s line-up by making off with one of their visible stars. Anything else accomplished is just gravy…

Kelly is an absolute star at her current network, Fox, and her departure will leave a big hole in its programming. The two biggest beneficiaries of the Kelly hire would seem to be NBC’s sister network, MSNBC, and CNN, and the shows they currently run against Kelly’s in the 9 p.m. time slot (The Rachel Maddow Show and Anderson Cooper 360).

How things change.

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