CNN Blows Off Anderson Cooper’s Katrina Anniversary Special For Donald Trump” is the HuffPo headline. The contrast here — between the story that got bumped (we’re still ‘commemerating’ Katrina 10 years on? Give it a rest, already) and the story that got covered (an old white guy stirring up white nationalism in America) is a striking, and cautiously optimistic, symbol of the moment. Let us hope it continues.

Meanwhile, tonight I flipped the channel to CNN, to Anderson Pooper’s show, and saw Silver Foxette talking to a field reporter about Shannon Miles (yet another black male between the ages of 18 and 35) who executed Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth in Texas.

Pooper was wringing his hand over the fact that Miles was found to be ‘mentally incompetent’ to stand trial for a crime he did years ago, one of his Miles’ many transgressions (while mentally incompetent, that is.)

The field reporter immediately goes into how authorities are looking for clues, yada yada, and have noted how Miles has an apparent history of blacks-behaving-badly, and — this part killed me — how Miles ‘bounced around a few colleges’.

Naturally, Pooper did not even cognize the glaring dissonance between the ‘fact’ that this ‘mentally incompetent’ black graduated from high school and then, apparently, got accepted to multiple colleges. Are schools beholden to the ‘let blacks graduate no matter the social cost’ to such a degree that this happens? Or might it be… hmmm… that Mr. Miles is not as ‘mentally incompetent’ as one is led to believe.

Pooper then trots out a typical CNN’s “2-to-3-liberals-vs-one-conservative” panel to discuss (or yell) the matter.

Pooper was making much hay of the statement yesterday by Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman insinuating that the heightened BLM rhetoric of recent months (e.g., yesterday’s “Pigs in a blanket, let ’em fry!” BLM chants), notions fostered by this WH and its minions, may have been a factor in Miles’ decision to randomly execute a (white) cop.

The subject, however, quickly sidelined into a ‘why the concerns of the BLM movement is valid’ debate.

Things then got hilarious… and oh so telling.

Radical, black, racialist, NYT columnist Charles Blow (Is there is no better surname for this guy? Methinx not) cited statistics that, for example, 90% of NYC’s ‘stop and frisk’ targets were black. The third panelist — a black leftie chick (a regular, whose name I forget, and whom I believe is a former prosecutor, but am too uninterested to find out — was a Soul Sista’ to Brother Blow’s sermonizing.

Harry Houck, a retired white cop from NYC and increasingly-frequent CNN guest (sigh, such are the times… thanks to The Organizer), counter-argued that police target areas where crimes are occurring, regardless of the demographics of the area. Because more crimes occur in black areas, police focus their efforts (necessarily a function of finite resource) on high crime areas, wherever those high crime areas may be.

Blow immediately branded Houck a ‘racist’ (when will the diminishing cache of that word be completely eviscerated?), with the liberal black chick chiming in agreement, both verbally and in black body language (a toned down version of the stereotypical gospel-revival ‘Yes Jesus!’s and accompanying body language.)

I then listened to Blow and the black leftie chick actually argue the following:

  1. Blacks do not commit crimes at higher rates than any other race,
  2. Therefore, the reason blacks are incarcerated at a much higher rate is due to selective (and racist) targeting of black areas and black individuals.

In other words, if the fuzz would simply ‘stop and frisk’ whiteys as much as they do the Brothers, things would apparently even out in terms of incarceration rates.

That’s a new one I hadn’t heard before.


The CNN segment is also worth watching for pure sociological reasons, to see how rude and uncivil behavior is the norm among liberal blacks. Blow continually interrupts Houck with shouts, but when Houck similarly tries to when Blow is talking interject (albeit in far less strident way), Blow starts stammering, nearly doing the chicken head bob-n-weave (part of the whole ‘shut up whitey!’ meme) and repeatedly saying things like “Please don’t interrupt me, I don’t like that.”

This, I thought to myself, is the Upper West Side version of the fat lesbian BLM chicks commandeering Bernie Sanders’ microphone.

In toto, Blow comes off as an immature 5-year old, behaving like an Angry Little Diva Queen, the latter I believe to be an accurate depiction.

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