Mexico Praises U.S. Senate Immigration Bill Approval

Mexico praises US Senate immigration bill approval” is the actual title of the AP story. Mexico does have some reservations, however, when it comes to even the most watered-down, likely-to-never-materialize, border security improvements:

MEXICO CITY—Mexico is welcoming the passage by the U.S. Senate of an immigration bill that could offer a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants. But it also expressed concern that some of the security measures that form part of the reform could affect the relationship between the two countries.

The Foreign Relations Department said in a statement Thursday that approval of the bill could offer a chance for millions of Mexicans living in the United State to improve their lives.

It added, however, that some of the measures “move away from the principles of shared responsibility and neighborliness.”

According to the Mexican government, the US. securing its border is not very… neighborly.


For Gay Immigrants, Marriage Ruling Brings Relief and a Path to a Green Card” is the actual title of a NYT story.

It’s been quite a surreal week.

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