National Front: Strong Showing in Today’s Elections

In French elections today, the National Front made some major gains:

Paris (AFP) – French President Francois Hollande is set to take the axe to his beleaguered government after it suffered humiliating losses in local elections in which the far-right National Front (FN) made historic gains.NationalFront

The outcome of the first nationwide vote since Hollande was elected in 2012 was described as “Black Sunday” by one Socialist lawmaker.

The FN won control of 11 towns and was on track to claim more than 1,200 municipal council seats nationwide, its best ever showing at the grassroots level of French politics and a stunning vindication of leader Marine Le Pen’s efforts to extend its appeal…

“We have moved onto a new level,” Le Pen claimed. “There is now a third major political force in our country.

“We will destroy this idea that the FN represents some sort of threat to the Republic…”

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