Northwest Front

Currently #1 on Politico is “Want to Meet America’s Worst Racists? Come to the Northwest“, the click-bait title being a brief profile of the Northwest Front.

I don’t know anything about the Northwest Front, but they must be condemned because they hold outrageously racist views like: Jews tend to promote ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ for gentiles, but practice conscientious ethnocentrism themselves:

To be sure, the Northwest Front represents a fringe campaign, a minority of a minority seeking to expunge the Pacific Northwest of any color but white. According to Harold Covington, the group’s leader, the union of Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana would be “kind of like the white version of Israel. I don’t see why the Jews are the only people on Earth that get their own country and everyone else has to be diverse.” Covington knows precisely what he’s gone in for: “Of course it’s racism. What’s wrong with racism? It’s the purist form of patriotism.”

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