NYT: Eli Mosely’s Lie = The Entirety of the AR

A recent NYT article by one Emma Cott proudly doxes Eli Mosely, in addition to getting to its central point: Mosely lied about serving in Iraq and how this deception is some sort of analogy for the Alt-Right itself (“How Our Reporter Uncovered a Lie That Propelled an Alt-Right Extremist’s Rise”).

Best passage from the alarmist piece:

I wanted to give Eli a chance to respond to my findings, and I pondered the different ways I could bring it up. I was nervous about confronting him in person. What if he attacked me and my filmmaking partner, Andrew Michael Ellis, upon realizing that he had been found out?

I talked with The Times’s security consultant, who helped me outline a contingency plan…

Second best passage, which is the piece’s moralistic conclusion:

The movement itself also relies on falsehoods. It includes Holocaust deniers and pseudo-intellectuals who spout unsubstantiated theories about the science behind racial difference. In order to reach mainstream Americans, white supremacists have learned to cloak their racism in disorienting terms like “white identity politics.”

Deception is baked into the alt-right, so Eli Mosley is a perfect match for the movement.

All I know: the **** at the NYT are clearly worried about the AR, putting out pieces like this each week. I take that as, ultimately,  a positive sign that the AR movement is growing.

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