NYT: Hindus Don’t Like Muslims (& Vice-Versa)

Only in the suicidal mind of the white Western progressive is there the close and realizable dream of perfect egalitarianism and racial blindness.

Everywhere else in the world, ethnicity and tribal loyalties trump all else.

From today’s NYT is a story titled “Where 8-Year-Old Was Raped and Killed, Hindus Rally Around Suspects”.

A group of Hindu men kidnap, rape and then murder an 8 year old Muslim girl. And in the small village of Rasana, Hindu villagers are rallying around the Hindu murderers:

There seems to be little remorse or sympathy here. Few people in the mostly Hindu village are talking about the inhumanity of the crime or the fact that the girl’s traumatized parents have fled. Barred from burying their daughter near their home, the family had to take her body with them.

Instead, you hear things like: Our land and their land. Us and them.

But, we are assured, when such ethnicities (Hindu or Muslim) immigrate to the U.S. or England, they leave such deeply-rooted, ethnic loyalties behind.

The motive for the crime, investigators say, was nothing less than ethnic cleansing. Investigators said that Sanji Ram, the custodian at the temple, hated the nomads for coming into his area and that he orchestrated the killing to drive them away.

Surely, with sufficient socioeconomic pressure, this sort of barbarism will never take place in the West itself.

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