NYT Wants Fewers Johns & Roberts, More Liams & Noahs

The NYT has a strange concern over the name “John” which they deploy in the most bizarre of comparison metrics:

Fewer Republican senators are women than men named John — despite the fact that Johns represent 3.3 percent of the population, while women represent 50.8 percent. Fewer Democratic governors are women than men named John. And fewer women directed the top-grossing 100 films last year than men named Michael and James combined…

The prevalence of men in power with particular names is revealing not only of skewed gender representation, but also of the whiteness of many institutions of American politics, culture and education. White men continue to dominate many categories of leadership in America.

The piece’s final paragraph dovetails nicely with Steve Sailer’s recent Tweetstorm on ‘white privilege’ at the SPLC:

The Glass Ceiling Index could change if more women fill the workplace pipeline — but many of these obstacles have persisted despite the presence of more than enough qualified women to do the jobs. More likely, what will change sooner are the names of the men in charge — fewer Johns and Roberts and more Liams and Noahs.

More Liams (in Hebrew, the name Liam can be spelled two ways with the meaning of “My Nation” or “My People”) and more Noahs (ahem).

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