Starbucks Incident = How Tenuous Safe Spaces Can Be

The LA Times prints a black op-ed about the StarbucKKKs incident, which is apparently right up there with the Rosa Parks incident:

“I admit, I have been lulled into believing that Starbucks is a safe space, too. I’ve camped out with a computer or a book along with others who may stay a half hour or half a day. I haven’t run into resistance, and I’ve committed the sin of forgetting how tenuous safety can be.”

The absence of discrimination isn’t seen as the absence of discrimination, but rather simply a display of “how tenuous safety can be”. This is the phenomenological worldview of political correctness: phantom notions of institutional racism permeate reality; Derridean notions of absence-being-presence are in the ether.

With some, it’s always 1933.

With others, it’s always 1963.

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