NYT: “Uber Is Mostly White and Mostly Male, Report Says”

Uber Is Mostly White and Mostly Male, Report Says” reads the link from the NYT main page.

On Tuesday, Uber continued its mea culpa tour by releasing its first report detailing the composition of its work force, which depicted an overwhelmingly male employee base and showed that the largest ethnic group is white. In addition, the company forcefully repudiated its past, saying that its intense, masculine culture went too far.

Predominately white, male, and masculine? That’s clearly awful and needs to change immediately.

No worries! Eric Holder and Arianna Huffington are on the case!

In recent weeks, Uber has moved quickly to shed that past. The company hired Eric H. Holder Jr., the former United States attorney general, and others to conduct an investigation of the workplace. Arianna Huffington, a board member, has repeatedly said that the company would no longer hire “brilliant jerks.”

Further down in the piece are some actual numbers:

The report’s numbers were stark. Only 36 percent of Uber’s work force is made up of women, while the technology jobs at the company — some 85 percent — are overwhelmingly held by men. In terms of racial composition, 50 percent of Uber’s employees in the United States are white and 31 percent are Asian, while 9 percent are black and 6 percent are Hispanic

How is 50% white ‘mostly white’?

Uber also pledged to donate $3 million over the next three years to groups working on bringing women and underrepresented minorities into the tech industry.

More jobs for college majors in Social Justice! See, Political Correctness is good for the economy!

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