Oscar Crisis: New Voting Rules Raise Questions & Anger Among Current Members

Whether it’s BLM activists screaming in the face of ‘white’ (aka Jewish) professors at Yale (you’d think the typical uber-liberal college campus is Selma in 1962), or Hollywood’s BLM-equivalents making demands to address the Great Oscar Whiteness Crisis (that’s Sailer’s term), it’s wonderful to see the creeping excesses of Political Correctness causing the Left to eat its own.

From a THR story on the latest in the Academy Awards white crisis:

Academy members are reacting with a range of responses — from joy to resignation to anger — to Friday’s announcement that the organization plans to restrict voting privileges to “active” members in response to the lack of diversity amongst this year’s Oscar nominations. Under the new rules, members who have not worked across a span of three decades after gaining membership will lose the right to cast Oscar ballots unless they’ve been nominated for an Oscar themselves.

Supporters have been most open with their reactions. Ava DuVernay, a member of the directors branch who controversially did not receive a directing nomination for Selma last year, tweeted: “One good step in a long, complicated journey for people of color + women artists. Shame is a helluva motivator. We’ve all felt shame even when we didn’t believe we were wrong. It’s the fact that EVERYONE ELSE thinks you’re wrong. Fix it mode kicks in. Marginalized artists have advocated for Academy change for DECADES. Actual campaigns. Calls voiced FROM THE STAGE. Deaf ears. Closed minds. Whether it’s shame, true feelings, or being dragged kicking + screaming, just get it done. Because the alternative isn’t pretty.”

There’s nothing quite like thinly veiled threats to motivate old, guilt-ridden, Jews to abdicate their throne!

However, of the wide cross section of members with whom The Hollywood Reporter spoke on Friday and Saturday, far more were displeased with the move than pleased with it, insisting that the Academy’s older members were being unfairly scapegoated.

In one context or another, below are the names cited in the rest of the piece:

  • Sam Weisman
  • Tab Hunter (born: Arthur Kelm)
  • Arnold Schwartzman
  • Marcia Nasatir
  • Mike Medavoy
  • Leigh Castle
  • Cheryl Boone Isaacs
  • Marvin Levy
  • Nancy Utley
  • Bob Iger
  • Les Moonves
  • Rich Ross
  • Gail Berman
  • Jeff Schell
  • Kevin Tsujihara
  • J-Lo
  • Michael Lynton
  • Beyonce
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith
  • Jon Bloom
  • Bill Kroyer
  • Charles Bernstein
  • Bill Mechanic
  • Dolores Hart

Some of the names above (e.g., J-Lo, Beyonce, Jada Pinkett-Smith) are non-whites. But of the remaining ‘whites’ listed above, I can’t quite place it, but there seems to be a pattern to the surnames…


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