Pew: Teens, Social Media, and Technology

From a Pew Research Center study on “Teens, Social Media, and Technology”:

Among Hispanic and African American youth, there is somewhat less access to desktops, compared with white teens. At the same time, African-American youth have greater access to smart phones than their Hispanic or white counterparts. Minority youth are much more likely to adopt text messaging apps on their phones than their white counterparts…

African-American teens are also substantially more likely than white or Hispanic youth to report playing video games…

African-American teens are the most likely of any racial or ethnic group to have or have access to a smartphone; 85% of African-American teens report smartphone ownership, compared with 71% of white and 71% of Hispanic youth.

Poverty, it would seem, doesn’t preclude one from having a smartphone… or $200 sneakers, or regular treks to the Nail Salon.

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