Phase Two (Overture)

And so it goes.

Logical Meme originated back in 2005, in a pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter interweb era, as pajama-sportin’ bloggers began to upset the apple cart, actually reaching critical mass towards equalizing the power of the MSM narrative. (Think: Rather-gate; Breitbart’s guerilla approach, etc.) I blogged on all-things-political, with posts on the philosophical foundations of conservatism, the day to day absurdities of D.C., and the minute-by-minute absurdities of postmodern academia. Where I could, I focused on cultural readings I still believe mainstream conservative pundits all too often miss, delving into film criticism, analytical philosophy, and music.

Increasingly, I blogged on what has come to be known as ‘race realism’ or, more accurately, ‘racial conservatism’: the thesis that, amidst the post-1965 multicultural rainbow that is now the United States, whites have an identifiable cultural heritage and collective self-interest, and that defending this heritage does not imply any sort of supremacist ideology, but rather coheres according to the very standards of racial identity and ethnic pride that our mainstream liberal culture otherwise promotes among non-white constituencies. (This earlier incarnation of Logical Meme received kind words from the likes of Peter Brimelow, Dennis Mangan, Half Sigma, and others.)

After a damn-near thorough disenchantment with politics, and an acute sense of the futility of attempting to rescue the West from its spiraling, collective death wish, I retired the blog in 2007. (As a wonderful capstone to Phase One, my SQL db of archived posts was irretrievably deleted by GoDaddy before I was able to download said posts.)

But here we are in 2013.

I’m tan, rested and ready.

So, here’s another f*cking blog. Stop the press!

And while I don’t intend to post at the exhaustive pace I did previously, I do intend to provide a perspective on things not otherwise already provided by the many excellent bloggers out there and whom are listed on my blogroll or otherwise referenced in my posts.

In between, I’ll dabble into film, music, literature, humor, and wider cultural concerns.

To fight the good fight. Upwards and onwards!



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