Weiner Stiffens Resolve

One of the great Andrew Breitbart’s final coup d’etats was his masterful takedown of the extraordinarily annoying Anthony Weiner (D-Narcissism), who has given a self-therapeutic interview to…. drumroll…. the NYT. Breitbart leaked bits of information each day, providing Weiner with sufficient wiggle room to lie repeatedly (“My Twitter account was hacked!”), thereby compounding the downfall.

I had long predicted that, despite an implosion as publicly humiliating as his, Weiner would either return to politics or be given a slot somewhere on CNN. His ego is just too huge.

With Democrats, because there is no enforced standard of decency on sexual or fidelity matters, no threshold of moral behavior, absolutely any Democrat, no matter how repugnant the offense, qualifies for ‘redemption’. The media assists in this, naturally. (Said redemption-qualifications do not apply to Republicans, however, because they actually have such standards. Media mouths cite their inevitable line about hypocrisy and ‘family values’, etc.)

With Weiner and his wife, the Clinton Template is in full play.

Like Big Poppa, Weiner is executing a carefully prepared media strategy. He’s laid low for an appropriate period of time, then did a lightweight People magazine appearance last year, and is now, after sufficient time to ‘reflect’, doing the Oprah–for–the-Cocktail-Set contrition thing in New York Times Magazine.

Mind you, his sense of grandiosity and self-importance has not waned a bit. He wants to be Mayor of NYC! This Weiner is still hard as a rock.

And like Big Poppa’s non-cookie-baking wife, Weiner’s wife (Hillary Clinton’s aide, and long-desired lesbian lover, Huma Abedin) has also learned from the Clinton Template: keep your maiden name (try saying “Huma Weiner” five times fast), and treat your marriage as a business relationship, to be used to maximize your political career. Period.

An interest of mine in recent years is the inherent narcissism-fueling technologies of Twitter and FB. (Side debate: To what extent is this any different than my blogging? Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.) So, I loved reading this part of the Weiner interview:

“Twitter and Facebook allowed for me — not only could I go to a town-hall meeting or a senior center or in front of the TV camera, but now I could sit and hear what people were saying all around. Search your name on Google begat read comments on your Facebook page, begat looking at what people are saying about you on Twitter, to then trying to engage them… And it just started to blur into this desire to engage in it all the time…

“I wasn’t really thinking. What does this mean that I’m doing this? Is this risky behavior? Is this smart behavior? To me, it was just another way to feed this notion that I want to be liked and admired.’’

‘Tis the tale of the Scorpion and the Frog and the Weiner.

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