Rubio Faces ‘Pressure’ Over Immigration

From a news story on Rubio’s immigration position(s), the premise is this:

Rubio is facing pressure on the right not just from Trump, who branded him the “king of amnesty” on Friday, but also from Ted Cruz. The senator from Texas has accused Rubio of joining Obama in pushing for “a massive amnesty plan.”

There’s a quote from one Josh Penry, who leads Rubio’s Colorado campaign:

Penry, a former state lawmaker who is building a county-by-county network of Rubio backers in Colorado, hopes Latinos will give the senator credit for trying to “drive solutions” on illegal immigration. In a closely divided state where personality and character can swing elections, Penry said that Rubio would strike Latinos as a charismatic young champion of the middle class.

“He’s just not a scowling, finger-wagging, crusty old white dude,” Penry said.

Well, that’s just swell. A Republican operation averse to ‘crusty old white dudes’.

The article is otherwise filled with stock tropes about how, essentially, Republicans must be for open borders lest they lose that monolithic ‘Hispanic vote’. The accepted and unquestioned ethnocentrism latent in such a narrative position is not interrogated, of course, with passages like this:

The rising number of Latino voters means that Rubio would need to do far better than previous Republican presidential candidates among Colorado Latinos, said Joelle Martinez, executive director of the University of Denver’s Latino Leadership Institute. Ethnic solidarity could help him.

Translation: Hispanics voting for a candidate… because he is Hispanic.

That’s okay in MSM land.

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