Safe East European Home

From “Safe East European Home” by Ruuben Kaalep:

The greatest asset of nationalism in Eastern Europe is its people’s extant connection with their soil. While in the West, large scale urbanization — which simply means the globalization of the homeland — has cut many people off from a personal, private relationship with their homeland. This creates the perfect foundation for a multiculturalism of rootless individuals from every corner of the globe. But this process has been much slower and less catastrophic in Eastern Europe. In the cultural, economic, and psychological sphere, Eastern Europe keeps celebrating the local…

Eastern Europe, therefore, has maintained all the cultural and ecological means for a successful national reawakening at its disposal. It has become something of a vault for the West and all European peoples around the world, taking the deeper components of European culture under its protection and keeping them safe for a future restoration of all European ethnostates while the West temporarily continues its downfall. It is a responsibility that many Eastern European nationalists increasingly realize and accept.

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