Schools Are Running Out of White Children

The NYT has a piece on the shifting demographics in American public schools. With the country as a whole become more Hispanic and less White, it comes as no surprise that American public schools are reflecting those same demographic shifts:

The racial makeup of the U.S. school system is shifting. Public schools are seeing surges in the enrollment of students of color; Latinos are leading the increases, while the numbers of white students are shrinking. White families in cities like Washington are flocking to private schools, where fewer black students are in attendance.

With this shift comes the expected lowering score averages, lower graduation rates, etc., without whites to prop up the numbers.

I almost spit my coffee onto my monitor when I read Steve Sailer’s retort to the piece:

The big problem is obviously that America is running out white children to use to integrate public schools.

Perhaps progressives will soon demand a court-ordered white child breeding program to increase the number of white children to be drafted into the Integration Corps.

Then, as quickly as first laughed, I began to wonder if some less extreme variation of this theme (e.g., the forced busing of white kids,  wherever they may be and whose parents can’t afford private school, to black/brown school districts) might not be on the horizon.

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