Son of Mein Trumpf & ‘White Supremacist’ Radio

Either in the debate last night, or the hack CNN/FNC pundits I flipped between afterward (increasingly indistinguishable), someone mentioned Trump’s son giving an interview with a ‘white supremacist radio host’. I immediately thought it must be James Edwards of The Political Cesspool show.

I guessed right:

One of Donald Trump’s sons appeared along with a white supremacist while giving an interview on a conservative radio show, adding to concerns that the front-runner in the battle to be the Republican candidate in November’s presidential election is willing to accept support from extremist supporters.

Donald Trump Jr., who is campaigning for his father, gave an interview on Tuesday on Liberty Roundtable, a conservative Utah-based radio show hosted by Sam Bushman.

During the show Trump Jr was questioned by James Edwards, another radio host whose show The Political Cesspool is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leading U.S. civil rights group, as ‘racist and anti-Semitic’…

You can listen to the full audio here

Edwards, in an email, directed questions about the interview to Bushman, but said in a statement:

‘My show, The Political Cesspool, promotes a proud, paleoconservative Christian worldview, and we reject media descriptions of our work as ‘white supremacist’, ‘pro-slavery’ and other such scare words…

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