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Unbeknownst to the jellyfish living in the U.S., there’s some vibrant ‘Arab Spring’-y-ness taking place outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Like the ongoing Intifadas in Paris and other French ‘suburbs’, this one also involves car-torching and rioting. And, as with reporting of the French riots, pro-multiculturalism-infused media types avoid accurate descriptions of the instigators’ racial and religious makeup, referring instead to the instigators as just… you know… ‘youths’.

For the past two nights major riots have erupted in Husby, a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. The legacy media accounts — whether written in Swedish, Norwegian, or English — have fastidiously avoided mentioning the ethnicity of the rioters. According to The Local, they are “youths”, “young people”, and “teenagers”. The only hint the media give us is when they say that police used horrifying racial epithets (“monkeys” and “niggers”) to refer to the boisterous lads doing the rock-throwing and fire-setting.

The fact that videos show the rioters shouting “Allahu akhbar!” while attacking the police provides another hint, but that little inconvenient piece of evidence is probably available only on YouTube.

According to tonight’s news reports, the riots have spread to other immigrant suburbs of Stockholm, such as Tensta and Rinkeby.

The indispensable Gates of Vienna has posted this quite enlightening video:


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