Tamerlan’s Wishlist

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Amazon wishlist has been located. Among the titles (which he added to his wishlist in ’06 and ’07):

  • How to Make Driver’s Licenses and Other ID on Your Home Computer
  • The I.D. Forger: Homemade Birth Certificates & ​Other Documents Explained
  • Secrets Of A Back Alley ID Man: Fake Id Construction Techniques Of The Underground
  • Principles of Fraud Examination
  • Document Fraud and Other Crimes of Deception
  • The Lone Wolf And the Bear: Three Centuries of Chechen Defiance of Russian Rule
  • Allah’s Mountains: The Battle for Chechnya

So it seems Tamerlan was either interested in assisting “undocumented immigrants” from Mexico… or perhaps had other things in mind.

He also seemed to be looking for historical parallels to the U.S.’s downward spiral: One of the books in his wishlist is Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

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