The Ascent of Alfred

I just discovered this very trippy video animation by the talented NRx-er Emily Youcis, a video that celebrates the 4chan-fueled red-pilling of Alfred the Dog, his subsequent abandonment of his vegetative ways, and his eventual political ascent. Place LSD, Dali, Naked Lunch, Disney’s Fantasia, Ren & Stimpy, Julius Streicher, and The Matrix into a blender… and it might look something like this.

From the video description:

Alfred Alfer leaves his decaying, degenerate reality behind and memes his way into Pixelated Immortality, achieving the power and love he’s always craved. Join Alfred Alfer, Muammar Gaddafi, Pepe, Spurdo, Ben Garrison, Moonman, Donald Trump, and Alfred’s Ultra-Fashy Alter Personality, Dictator Alfred, in the most high-energy segment of the Alfred Alfer Movie Yet!

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