The Blowback

It’s like exhaling tobacco smoke into the face of a Snowflake.

Yesterday, Milo got national coverage when SJW’s attacked buildings and beat people up outside his cancelled event at U-Cal Berkeley. Tucker talked to him tonight:


Today, Gavin McInnes is getting national coverage because of similar SJW behavior outside his appearance at NYU. Tucker hopes to speak to McInnes on tomorrow’s show.

There is no better way to perk the interest of millions of Americans in this whole ‘Alt Right’ thing, than by violent and destructive behavior by the Left and subsequent media coverage thereof.

There are different perspectives within the umbrella that is the Alt Right. I don’t agree with everything Milo says and represents, but I’m glad he’s out there, doing what he’s doing. Stories like “Sales Soar for Milo Yiannopoulos Book After Protests” make me smile.

Each day the media shows purple-haired hipsters, BLM ‘activists’, and Chicano types smashing windows and violently attacking conservatives is a good day for both Trump and the Alt Right.

Let the red-pilling begin!

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