The New Darth Vader

In true Alinsky fashion, the MSM is ‘personifying’ the enemy.

Nothing seems to stick to Trump… so let’s try Steve Bannon!

Much like they tried to portray Dick Cheney as a super-evil Svengali figure, pulling the puppet strings attached to W, so they are now trying to make Bannon into the James Bond villain of their little teleplay.

NYT: Is Stephen Bannon Calling the Shots for Trump?

WaPo: Steve Bannon is Trump’s conscience. Yikes.

HuffPo: Nancy Pelosi Blasts Steve Bannon As A ‘White Supremacist’

NPR: Exploring The Nationalistic And Christian Right Influences On Trump

GQ: In Case It Wasn’t Clear Yet, Steve Bannon Is Our President

Daily Caller: Whoopi: ‘I Believe In My Soul That Steve Bannon Is Controlling Everything’

Newsweek: Steve Bannon’s Fever Dream Of An American Gulag

Time: Is Steve Bannon the Second Most Powerful Man in the World?

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