The Future Formalization Of Speech Restrictions

In Social Matter, Ryan Landry waxes on the likely “Future Formalization Of Speech Restrictions”:

As fissures in the American political landscape deepen, a rather large crack in the truce between the tribes has opened surrounding the concept of free speech. The Left proclaims itself the defender of free speech while at the same time no-platforming mild conservatives, purging rightist Twitter accounts, and even going so far as to redefine in the public sphere the First Amendment’s protectionsOpinion polls reveal the coming conflict over the basic idea of expression.

The progressive machinery will work to shut down opposing views. This is not about speech, but power.

Millennials are far less likely to support freedom of speech. This is a function of how the question is framed and also of millennial demographics. As the media proudly notes, millennials are far less white than older generations… As America grows less white, the framing of speech restriction will make gutting the First Amendment almost certain…

… In America, the seed meme was anti-bullying. Anti-bullying was so strong a school movement that it made it to state legislation… Rather than have the bullying be dealt with by the two students, or even the students’ parents, school authorities took over.

The generation that grew up with anti-bullying messaging is now of voting age. Each year, new voters enter the pool with even more years of prime propaganda…

Consider the ideas embraced by and foisted on universities such as triggering, safe spaces, hate speech, and microaggressions…

A heavy blue state like California or New York will introduce legislation against certain types of speech that they deem hateful.

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