The GOP Keeps Getting Whiter

If there’s one thing we paleoconservative/dark enlightenment/race-realists find increasingly irrefutable with each passing day, it’s that, socio-economically speaking, the races will become increasingly polarized along HBD lines, and such polarization will be proportionately more acute in the more politically-correct, multicultural societies.

In terms of political identity, what this means is that whites will increasingly identify and organize themselves… as whites.

At first, the trajectory of such social and political organization will not have an overt racial dimension to it (e.g, the Tea Party, realignment of GOP precincts, an Official English Language Movement, etc.), but eventually — and it may still be decades away — there will be a more overt racial dimension to the dynamic.

Call it racial consciousness.

And where there are more strictures against such identification by whites, that is, in every single modern European-based western nation, where any movement toward this inevitable racial consciousness might cost you your job or your life, such social formation will take place ‘in the shadows’ (to borrow a tired and widely used pro-illegal-immigration trope.)

White racial consciousness will evolve quietly and will cohere into an organic social reality without any public discussion. The point will come when a silent majority of whites — a threshold of critical mass we have probably already reached (if, in theory, every white examined the premises of their belief systems) — are in tantamount agreement that they prefer to live among other whites. (This would entail liberal whites living in lily-white towns eventually being honest about why they live where they live, why they send their kid to private school, etc.)

It entails bringing to the conscious foreground the many subconscious beliefs and rational heuristics most whites possess.

Sociologically, this inevitable formation of white racial consciousness will, as it comes into being, attempt to operate within the framework of existing political structures. The GOP begins to get infiltrated. The Tea Party forms. Even with no overt racial platform addressed in the politics, the GOP will get whiter.

Everyone else seems to recognize this, especially the Left, with the exception being the Republican Party and the whole Conservatism, Inc. establishment itself.

In National Journal, whiz political strategist Charlie Cook has an informative article on how “The GOP Keeps Getting Whiter.” He analyzes the effects of GOP redistricting throughout the country:

They clearly did everything they could to purge Democratic voters from their districts ahead of 2012, no matter whether those voters were white, black, Hispanic, left-handed, or right-minded—just as Democrats would have done had the roles been reversed. But in the process of quarantining Democrats, Republicans effectively purged millions of minority voters from their own districts, and that should raise a warning flag. By drawing themselves into safe, lily-white strongholds, have Republicans inadvertently boxed themselves into an alternate universe that bears little resemblance to the rest of the country?

Fresh 2010 census data by congressional district, compiled by The Cook Political Report’s House editor, David Wasserman, provides some numerical food for thought. Between 2000 and 2010, the non-Hispanic white share of the population fell from 69 percent to 64 percent, closely tracking the 5-point drop in the white share of the electorate measured by exit polls between 2004 and 2012. But after the post-census redistricting and the 2012 elections, the non-Hispanic white share of the average Republican House district jumped from 73 percent to 75 percent, and the average Democratic House district declined from 52 percent white to 51 percent white. In other words, while the country continues to grow more racially diverse, the average Republican district continues to get even whiter.

As Congress has become more polarized along party lines, it’s become more racially polarized, too. In 2000, House Republicans represented 59 percent of all white U.S. residents and 40 percent of all nonwhite residents. But today, they represent 63 percent of all whites and just 38 percent of all nonwhites. In 2012 alone, Republicans lost 11.2 million constituents to Democrats (a consequence of not only the party’s loss of a net eight House seats but also the fact GOP districts had grown faster in the previous decade and needed to shed more population during redistricting). Of the 11.2 million people Republicans no longer represent, 6.6 million, or 59 percent, are minorities.

In The Nation, Ari Berman weighs in (“The GOP’s White Southern Republican Problem“):

In virtually every state in the South, at the Congressional and state level, Republicans—to protect and expand their gains in 2010—have increased the number of minority voters in majority-minority districts represented overwhelmingly by black Democrats while diluting the minority vote in swing or crossover districts held by white Democrats. “What’s uniform across the South is that Republicans are using race as a central basis in drawing districts for partisan advantage,” says Anita Earls, a prominent civil rights lawyer and executive director of the Durham-based Southern Coalition for Social Justice. “The bigger picture is to ultimately make the Democratic Party in the South be represented only by people of color.” The GOP’s long-term goal is to enshrine a system of racially polarized voting that will make it harder for Democrats to win races on local, state, federal and presidential levels. Four years after the election of Barack Obama, which offered the promise of a new day of postracial politics in states like North Carolina, Republicans are once again employing a Southern Strategy that would make Richard Nixon and Lee Atwater proud.

So, while the Left is abuzz over the sociological phenomenon of GOP realignment along racial lines, within the publications and punditry of Conservative, Inc. (from the GOP to NRO to FNC to Glenn Beck), we can practically hear the crickets.

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