Americans’ Declining Reading Proficiency

From the LA Times:

The reading skills of American adults are significantly lower than those of adults in most other developed countries, according to a new international survey. What’s more, over the last two decades Americans’ reading proficiency has declined across most age groups, and has only improved significantly for 65-year-olds.

The study of 160,000 people by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which is composed of two dozen developed nations, found that U.S. adults had reading levels that were below average, and lagged far behind those of Japan (which scored at the top), several Scandinavian countries, Australia and Korea. Test takers in Spain, Italy, Ireland and several other countries… scored lower than Americans did.

The full study is here.

There’s absolutely no analysis of stratification by race.

Because, y’know, there’s no way this decline in reading proficiency has anything to do with the U.S.’s dramatic shift in demographics towards low-skilled, low-educated hispanics from Mexico.

Si! Se puede!

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