The Libertarian Bubble

Some 20+ years ago, I was a Marxist. Then, some 15+ years ago, I became a libertarian. In terms of domestic political issues (e.g., welfare), it’s empirical weight was like a light-switch, and as a political philosophy it’s theoretical consistency was most attractive.

But libertarianism presumes the world is a marketplace of similarly rational agents. To borrow some Marxist terminology, libertarianism fetishizes idealized notions of inherent rationality (and, I would argue) innate benevolence.

Then, post 9/11, I realized the Constitution, if adumbrated along strictly libertarian principles, would be tantamount to a suicide pact.

Language, culture, and borders matter.

I then became a paleoconservative, or what is now labeled ‘Alt Right’.

Photo: Stefan Molyneux

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