New Normal: Terror Tax Edition

One of the memes the MSM is trying to normalize is the idea that terrorism is the ‘new normal’, something we must just accept as a feature of modern life.

One accompanying, governmental gesture is the existence in France of a ‘terror tax’:

PARIS (AP) — French citizens will contribute an extra 1.60 euros ($1.67) on their property insurance policies to help finance a fund for victims of the extremist attacks that have recently hit the country.

The measure comes into force on Sunday and requires policy holders to contribute 5.90 euros instead of 4.30 euros.

Mass immigration from the third world is only getting worse, not better.  Therefore, the West will experience proportionally more incidents of terrorism. Rather than address the root problem (immigration), Western societies still beholden to P.C. will instead increasingly become surveillance states and places where the MSM’s “New Normal” meme can grow.

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