The Two Percent

The recent Archie comics activism is but one more demonstration of the total hegemony the Gay Mafia now has. Regarding homosexuality in culture, there’s a surreal political correctness firmly entrenched, one which completely promotes all aspects of a gay lifestyle. The associated ideological totalitarianism now threatens First Amendment rights of non-leftists on the matter. Of the Archie comics example, Rod Dreher writes:

[I]t is a fascinating question how two percent of the population can have had such a tectonic effect on a culture, and in such a short time. Two percent of the population with 100 percent of the news and entertainment media on its side can make a cultural revolution. They just did. If this isn’t confirmation of sociologist James Davison Hunter’s theory that true change happens through networks of elites and their institutions working with a common purpose, I don’t know what is.

Which 2% is Dreher talking about here?

I hope he isn’t an anti-Semite, by noticing things.

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