The War vs. Céline

As I recently posted about, in France there is a culture war being waged against important historical figures like

Maurras & Céline. In New Statesman, Andrew Hussey addresses “The literature debate tearing apart Paris: should Céline’s racist pamphlets be published?” The key paragraph:

I bought some pens and a notebook in the upmarket stationery shop just opposite the entrance to number 67, where I knew Céline had lived, and asked the lady behind the counter why there was no trace of the great man. She said that she was often asked this question by Céline’s admirers, who came from all over the world to this place, and that she did not know why there was no commemorative plaque or any other sign that Céline had lived here. She then hesitated, looked around to check that we were alone, and said quietly: “There are many Jews here who control business. They don’t want anyone to remember him.”

And that pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

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