The SPLC’s Sad Hysteria

Those of us on the Dissident Right have long known the $PLC to be the most active promulgator of the deplatforming of conservatives. They do so by being a so-called anti-extremist watchdog group, a resource from which hysterical P.C. college students get their cues on whom to screech “Nazi!” at and subsequently deplatform.

In The Week, Shikha Dalmia has a piece titled “The sad hysteria of the Southern Poverty Law Center”. She is a liberal, mind you. To establish her respectable bona fides, her piece begins:

With America’s president casually stirring racial and other hatreds, it would be helpful for our civic good to have an organization that tracks with honesty and precision what rabble his rhetoric is rousing.

After noting how figures/entities like Christina Hoff Sommers, Aayan Hirsi Ali, and the Family Research Council are branded as ‘hate extremists’ by SPLC, Dalmia then notes:

Unfortunately, the SPLC is not up to the task. It is too busy enforcing liberal orthodoxy against its intellectual opponents…

The SPLC is now useful only to Social Justice Warriors who share its ideology in toto. For everyone else it is fast becoming a joke.

The SPLC’s original mission was to be the go-to media guide covering extremists and hate groups. But center-right folks like myself who are deeply worried about the forces Trump is unleashing find that citing SPLC raises more questions than it answers…

[I]f everyone is a fascist then no one is a fascist.

That the SPLC has jumped the shark was long ago obvious.

That non-right figures are beginning to notice this is good news.

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