Alt Right: “Rumors of My Death are Greatly Exaggerated”

Progs are desperately trying to establish an “Alt Right is Dying” narrative, which they of course hope will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Amanda Carpenter has written a piece in Salon titled “Alt-right is dying, but powerful conservatives are mainstreaming its ideas”:

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been carefully spooning out increasing amounts of white nationalist rhetoric to his audience for months now, much to the delight of white supremacists. These days, it’s often hard to tell Carlson’s show from the rantings of white nationalists on Twitter.

Meanwhile, over at The Guardian, Jason Wilson has piece titled “The alt-right is in decline. Has antifascist activism worked?”. He gloats that “on the terms it set itself, antifascist organizing in the United States has worked.” Discussing various deplatforming and doxing tactics, he revels in the personal misery doxing causes:

These materials, as well as media reporting, have been used to identify and expose far-right activists to their families, teachers and employers, in the communities they live in.

For many on the alt-right, this has led to serious legal consequences…

And major tech platforms and their advertisers have been pressured to exclude far-right voices, and they have been responding.

In true Stalinist fashion, Wilson revises history and otherwise justifies Antifa’s incivility, opposition to free speech, and even violence:

Antifascist groups have been the target of criticism from across the political spectrum during the first year of the Trump presidency. The right has made them the basis both of moral panics about violence, and conspiracy theories of subversion. And other leftists have questioned the wisdom of antifascist tactics and strategy.

The morality of political violence is a weighty, and always important topic, which we need to constantly scrutinize and revisit. That said, most of the antifascist tactics described above are nonviolent. And a lot of antifascist violence has been defensive, notably in Charlottesville.

As to tactics, the proof is in the pudding…

[I]t seems that the white supremacist alt-right will not survive the Trump era as a coherent movement. If so, antifascist activists can take a large measure of credit.

So, a guy who is basically tipping his hat to Antifa violence is allowed a column in a major British newspaper, but teaching a pug to salute Hitler is a punishable crime.

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