To Shame the White Man

Whenever a black, brown, or Islamic person commits an atrocity, the Left, through its byzantine causal logic, is quick to shift blame onto whites, colonialism, ad infinitum.

In “To Shame the White Man”, David Cole discusses the endless barrage of ‘white guilt’ foisted onto whites:

[N]o one knows the power of shame better than leftists; no one better understands this one simple truth: Shame works. Shame is the most powerful tool for manipulating a group—any group—of human beings. When a leftist tells you, “Making ordinary Muslims feel ashamed is no way to wage a war against extremism,” they’re lying and they know it. Leftists, more than anyone else, get the awesome power of shame…

The question is not should Muslims be shamed for the fact that their “faith” has become so closely associated with murder, violence, intolerance, and hatred—of course they should. The real question is, can Muslims be shamed? Can Muslims be shamed as easily as, say, white folks?

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