“Trump = Hitler” in The New Yorker – Pt. 3,183

Another day, another ‘Trump = Hitler’ article from our ‘most high’ eschelons of Culterati.

In The New Yorker is a piece titled “When It’s Too Late To Stop Fascism, According To Stefan Zweig

I wonder how far along the scale of moral degeneration Zweig would judge America to be in its current state. We have a magnetic leader, one who lies continually and remorselessly—not pathologically but strategically, to placate his opponents, to inflame the furies of his core constituency, and to foment chaos. The American people are confused and benumbed by a flood of fake news and misinformation. Reading in Zweig’s memoir how, during the years of Hitler’s rise to power, many well-meaning people “could not or did not wish to perceive that a new technique of conscious cynical amorality was at work,” it’s difficult not to think of our own present predicament.

Have we ever seen such a collective, near-psychotic meltdown on the part of NYC elites? How does this compare to Reagan in 1980, I wonder.

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