We Are *Not* Nation-Building in Afghanistan

Ghoulish neocon Max Boot has an op-ed today in (where else) the NYT titled “Back to Nation-Building in Afghanistan. Good.”:

After a torturous and protracted White House review, President Trump unveiled what was billed as a new Afghanistan policy on Monday night. But what exactly was new?…

But on a deeper level, there was far more continuity than change — not least in Mr. Trump’s denial that he is engaged in nation-building when he is doing precisely that…

The only conceivable path to success lies in fostering stable and effective institutions of government that can police their own territory with diminishing amounts of outside assistance. In other words, nation-building…

The regular police and army have been disappointing. The police are corrupt and ineffective, while the army is intent on staying in fixed positions rather than taking the fight to the enemy.

But security forces do not exist in a vacuum; it will be necessary also to reduce corruption in the Afghan government and increase its capacity for effective action. This has proved to be a far more difficult task, with an administration often seemingly paralyzed by infighting between President Ashraf Ghani and the chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah. Northern warlords, meanwhile, have engaged in open fighting.

We just need to reduce corruption in the Afghan government.

That’s all.

To get a flavor of Max Boot’s ‘pie in the sky’ worldview (representative of many Jewish neocons), see this robust exchange between Boot and Tucker Carlson:


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