Who are the Escaped CA Inmates?

Surprising piece from CNN (despite their reportorial restraint): Who are the inmates that escaped a California prison?”, about thethree inmates who escaped a maximum security jail in Santa Ana, California last Friday:

  • Bac Duong: Duong, 43, is a citizen of Vietnam who has been a permanent resident of the United States since 1991, according to Department of Homeland Security records. Seven years after becoming a resident alien, a U.S. immigration judge ordered him returned to his home country. After an appeal that was eventually denied, Immigration and Customs officials took custody of him in 2003… But Duong was released the next year on an order of supervision and reported as legally required until August 2014… In December, Duong was arrested in Orange County. Police said he shot a 52-year-old man. He’s also accused of stealing a motorcycle and resisting arrest. Duong was being held without bond.
  • Hossein Nayeri: Nayeri, 37, has fled the United States before, authorities have said. Prosecutors said he and two other men were involved in a brutal kidnapping in 2012 in which the male victim was abducted and driven to the desert, where the suspects allegedly believed he had buried money… Nayeri and the two other men were accused of burning the man with a blow torch and cutting off his penis before dumping him by the side of the road with a female friend… Authorities said he fled to his native country, Iran, after the crime. Nayeri was captured as he tried to fly from Iran to Spain. He was taken into custody in November 2013 by Czech fugitive task force members and FBI agents at the airport in Prague… When he was returned to the United States in September 2014, he was charged with two felony counts of kidnapping for ransom and one felony count each of aggravated mayhem, torture and first degree burglary.
  • Jonathan Tieu: Tieu, 20, is charged with murder and attempted murder in a 2011 gang-related attack and is awaiting retrial. He had been held since 2013 on $1 million bond. Authorities say Tieu is a documented member of a Vietnamese gang.

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