WSJ: Lovecraft’s Racism

In a WSJ article titled “Here’s Why H.P. Lovecraft Matters More Than Ever“, Lovecraftian fans Leslie Klinger and the far-left Alan Moore grapple with HPL’s “racism”:

H.P. Lovecraft died nearly 80 years ago, but his work is as important and controversial as ever, reaching beyond the realms of horror and science fiction and into the pop consciousness, while scholars and readers continue to grapple with the author’s racism and how it informed his fiction…

That kind of horror was also intertwined with Lovecraft’s racism. “During his two years in New York City, unable to find a job, he hated the crowds and the ‘mongrels’ he saw on the streets. He hated Jews (but married a Jew and counted a Jew as one of his closest friends — ‘good’ Jews, in his view, who had lost their ‘Jewishness’),” Klinger said. “He hated black people; he hated Italians, Polish, Portuguese, Puerto Ricans, and deplored that their cultures were changing ‘American’ culture. He supported the eugenics movement in America and initially applauded Hitler’s policies.”

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