Show Me a Hero (2015)

Regarding the HBO miniseries “Show Me a Hero” (by David Simon, who created The Wire), which focuses on public housing debates in the ’80s, a liberal WaPo TV reviewer writes:

Opposition to the new black neighbors in the white part of town isn’t, for the most part, violent. It’s passive… It’s coded: those people. In Yonkers, racism mostly lurks below the surface, among people waving American flags.

“You will never hear Jack O’Toole utter a racist phrase,” Yonkers Mayor Nick Wasiscko (played by Oscar Isaac) says of one of the community activists fighting the housing, “because guys like that, they learn how not to say the bad words. … No more ‘n—-,’ nothing out of his mouth that will give it away. It’s all property value and life and liberty and people only living where they can afford.”

This is how concerns for a certain set of social norms, acculturated over thousands of years within indigenous white Europe, and limning the most minimal contours of natural white ethnocentrism, becomes equated with ‘racism’.

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